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Our ministry is PRAYER in and for the Church and for all of God's people. Through hours of prayer and solitude, the Poor Clares focus primarily on the spiritual and temporal well-being of the Church in South Florida. We are especially mindful of the Archdiocese of Miami, from which we began, and the Diocese of Palm Beach in which we now reside, but there really are no boundaries to the scope of our prayer. Petitions for our prayerful intercession arrive by mail and telephone from far and wide.
Throughout the Scriptures we learn that Christ often "went apart to pray." A Poor Clare imitates Christ in this way, by following His call to a life of solitude, poverty, simplicity and contemplation, so that she might serve God and the Church by her very manner of living.   
Through our ministry of intercessory prayer, we share deeply in the sufferings and hopes of all people everywhere.  As members of the Franciscan Family, our community life is as important as our prayer life.  Our ministry to each other in everyday needs and concerns is very real and is the fruit of our prayer. Serving and showing reverence for Christ in each other must be tangible for our prayer life to be real.
The Eucharistic Sacrifice and the daily chanting of the Liturgy of the Hours form the basic structure and center of our Poor Clare life.  Entrusted by the Church with this sacrifice of praise, we carry out on earth the worship of God as the angels do in heaven. 
Sometimes we are asked if all we do, all day long.... is sit in chapel and pray. It may seem so, due to our fixed prayer schedule, our Liturgy of the Hours. While chapel prayer is at the center of our daily lives, there's more to it than that...
                                                 ( We're people too, you know! )
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Some of our friends join us for Sunday and weekday Eucharist. We invite you to do the same, when your schedule permits.
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